Nympheas #2

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  • Nympheas #2

Photo print, white border

5” x 7.5” (12.7cm x 19cm) – Lisbon only
9” x 12” (22.9 cm x 30.5cm)
12” x 18” (30.5cm x 45.7cm)

13” x 19” (33cm x 48.3cm) - Lisbon Only

"In the later period of his life, Claude Monet became fascinated by the immediacy of natural creations. He was astonished by water and plants wriggling in the depths of the Giverny pond. Monet’s paintings of that period depict neutral shapeless surfaces, where none of the details stand out and the gaze has nothing to catch on – as if his passionate search for the essence of nature was accompanied by absolute indifference to the particularity of the material world.

My motive is to explore the kingdom that lies on the borderline of these two worlds. I focus on the intermediate forms of being, those between earth and air, depths and surfaces, reflections and impenetrability, dispersion and condensation, silt and sky, clarity and inertness – to trace a ghost that pursues running water and dissolves in the underwater parts of lily pads. It haunts glare, the blackness of shadows, the suddenness of blue, water excitement and its thickness, shallow abysses, yellowish turbidity of the bottom, its closeness." – Yana Kononova


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